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In a world of endless possibilities, we use the power of ideas to minimize the imprint on nature and maximize the impact on human life.

Happy Bday to our all-time hero Rem Koolhaas 🇳🇱 🇩🇰

Thank you to Statens Kunstfond for awarding us a generous grant for “Naturens Parti” - a series of visions for a sustainable future on Planet Earth, and part of our ongoing effort to up the man made environment with minimal impact on the natural environment #🌱

Gaven til haven Indvielsen var aflyst pga. Covid19, så vi tog forbi for at aflevere vores indflytningsgave - et vendespil med fotos af Eventyrhaven. Tak til Daginstitutionsleder Marina for det gode samarbejde og til afdelingsleder Camilla for at give os et fint indblik i hvordan vores arkitektur virker i hverdagen. Og især til Asger for at demonstrere de populære trampoliner @nova5arkitekter #LassenLandskab #elindco #kimolsson

The Sphere was a wooden pavillion made in 2014 for REflex, an art event dedicated to exhibit contemporary art in public spaces of Dragør. Built from 175 stacked 400x20x20 cm wooden beams, the sphere provides a freestanding amphitheater, where the people of Dragør can hang out or gather for special events and spectacles. We simply materialized the public sphere as a phsysical space for social interaction, debate and personal reflection.

Our parking house made in collaboration with @jaja_architects and @rama_studio is on the front page of @arkitekten.dk 🌱

New boyz n the hood. We are delighted to welcome Jon and Roman on board #welcometoop #thebestpeople #architects