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Clients: Roskilde Festival & Cinema City [CPH:PIX, CPH:DOX, Husets Cinema, Zentropa]
Sted: Roskilde Festival
Size: 10.000 beer boxes
Status: Completed 2013

TUBJERG [Tuberg] is a pop-up project. A hilly landscape created from truckloads of Tuborg beer crates for Cinema City at the 2013 Roskilde Festival. TUBJERG is located in the center of the film area and seen from the air it’s the round yellow logo of Cinema City. Cinema City gathers organizations and players from the world of film. Every day throughout the festival CPH:PIX, CPH:DOX and Huset’s Cinema show open air movies on a big screen. Cinema City also offers ”hang-over TV” in camping wagons and audio-cinema by Zentropa, Nimbus and the Film Schools. The outdoor screenings begin after dark. This makes TUBJERG a perfect meeting point and hang-out during the day. When building the landscape, OP made hill-tops and dunes, where you can get cozy with your friends or snuggle with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Minecraft Me

TUBJERG is an eco-friendly social spot, a temporary project made from recyclable beer crates and plywood only. Kids build the wildest virtual worlds in the game Minecraft. OP wanted to do the same in 1:1 and beer crates were perfect for stacking. From the moment, Tuborg agreed to lend us the crates the project went really fast. Thanks to the energy and efficiency of the volunteers the 10.000 beer crates [roughly three beers per festival guest] were stacked into a mountain in less than a week. After the festival ended the wooden seats were upcycled in Thomas Dambo's Happy Wall

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