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Type: Learning space and sports for children with special needs
Client: Municipality of Lyngby-Taarbæk
Place: Kongens Lyngby [King's Lyngby]
Architect: NOVA5*
Size: 600 m²
Status: Ongoing

Sorgenfri school is a special school for children with special needs. Like any other kid, the 105 students need physical udfoldelse and being diagnozed with ADHD and autism, they also need trygge, faste rammer. Today, Sorgenfri school does not offer proper facilities for the students. This means that the teachers and children have to go to sports centers outside the school area, which doesn't harmonere with the need for xx. Many children are in a condition, where transportation with others is not an option, which makes is difficult and expensive to go to other xx. As a result the children are left with less physical udfoldelse risk of overweight and følgesygdomme. A solution to this rising challenge would be to turn existing school program into snoozelroom and xx and establish a new multipurpose sportshall within the premisses of the school. We turn a part of the schoolyard into a sportshall and establish a green schoolyard on the accessible roof.


In 2016, OP-partners Jennifer Dahm Petersen [JDP] and Niels Lund Petersen [NLP] entered NOVA5 as Associate Partners. In January 2018, they became formal Partners, Owners, Members of the Board and Everyday Leaders.

JDP, Communications Partner, was part of the acquisitions and new-bizz team. Besides coordinating and facilitating competition teams including idea-generation and feedback, she was responsible for communicating the company values and projects in media, presentations, lectures, conferences and workshops.

NLP, Creative Partner, was responsible for Competitions and New Development. Besides originating ideas, concepts and designs for new built projects, he was involved in several renewal projects and client consultancy. Among the winning schemes that NLP lead and originated are: New Elsinore Stadium, Dalby School, Havdrup Children's House.

Where JDP's/NLP's roles are not specified, the projects concerned were started/completed and carried out by staff or other partners in JDP's/NLP's partner period January 2016 to July 2019. In the small office, all NOVA5 projects were followed from the sidelines. Upon its relaunch October 2019, the OP team includes the following former NOVA5 people: Anders Dragheim, Founding Partner [AD], Kristine Lorenzen, Office Manager [KL], Peter Theibel, Business Developer [PT], Lotte Randeris, Project Leader [LR], Jon Frydenholm-Vad, Project Architect [JF]. Credited when relevant.