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Type: Recycle Art (remnants of Cinema City]
Place: Copenhagen
Artist: Thomas Dambo
Size: 38x4 meters. 2000 wood pixels, 3.456 hinges and 13.824 screws

Less Waste
“I know what trash looks like. And I know what trash looks like in a big scale, so when I’m rocking at Roskilde Festival and I see this big cinema tribune made from around 2500 wooden boards, I go and ask the staff what they’re going to do with all these boards after the festival. I was 99% sure the answer would be that they where going to throw them out - and I was right. This way I got all these wooden boards free of charge and used them to make Happy Wall. The word Happy is a word that I’ve been using in a lot of my projects. It’s a word significant for what I would like my art to be about, more than it’s just a title for the Happy Wall.”

- Thomas Dambo, Recycle artist

From Roskilde Festival to Copenhagen and back again

When our outdoor installation "TuBerg" for Roskilde Festival's Cinema City in 2012 had had its days, and it was time to return the beer boxes recycle artist Thomas Dambo asked if he could reuse the wooden seats. He then made a new interactive art installation Happy Wall in Copenhagens central square Kongens Nytorv [King's New Square]. By painting and hinging the wooden panels he created an analogue pixel wall, which visitors could use for creating images and messages. A few years later, Happywall #2 was made for Roskilde Festival - full circle recycling.

Happy Wall in numbers

1.728 pixels
4300 + instagram photos with #happywall
50.000 + interactions from all over the world