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Type: Rescue ladder
Client: TrygFonden
Place: All over Denmark
Architect: OP (Jennifer, Niels, Mads)
Status: Competition 2013, 3rd prize

In the wellfare state of Denmark, no object is too small for a redesign, when it comes to saving lifes. But when a design competition for a new rescue ladder came out, it somehow felt pointless to reinvent the ladder - an archetype that has already found its most ideal form. Instead we went for upping by architecture. Our ladder puts focus on functionality rather than design from the perspective of the drowning person trying to rescue herself or himself as well as from the perspective of the rescuer on land. A lot of added value was brought to the conventional marine rescue ladder, by simply making a generic steel ladder longer, cast it in red Polyurethane and light it up.

Easy to spot. Easy to use.

It may come as a surprise, that water accidents in cities are actually rather common. In drowning accidents, time is of the essence. Being in the water will quickly exhaust the victim, which is why we focused on visibility and accessibility.

And the winners are..

On March 6, the winners were announced and received the awards at a festive gathering. OP received a 3rd prize and thanks the enthusiastic jury and the initiators TrygFonden and the DanishArchitectural Association for carrying out the open competition. Jury members: Pia Allerslev (leisure and cultural mayer of Copehagen), Rene Høyer (TrygFonden) and architects Anders Brix, Erik Brandt Dam, & Kasper Guldager.

Tryg is Danish for Safe.

Every year, The Danish foundation TrygFonden donates millions of euros to projects "that contribute to an increased sense of safety locally and nationally". Among the funded projects are the characteristic red and white striped lifeguard tower and lifebuoy for harbours and beaches all over Denmark.