Open Platform


Type: Library
Architect: VMX Architects [project leader: Skafte Aymo-Boot]
Client: The Municipality of Utrecht
Place: Utrecht (NL)
Status: Competition 2007
Size: 15.000 m²
Images: VMX Architects

With the design for the new library in Utrecht, in which the traditional library program is combined with a cultural centre, cinema and housing, a cultural beacon for the city is created, and almost a small city in itself.

One of the first considerations for the building was its accessibility and openness, on a site dominated by complex infrastructure. By lifting the building, clarity is created, and both traffic routes and pedestrian public space are given sufficient room. For the mega building resulting from the programmatic brief, a second important focus was the design of high quality outdoor space. Two courtyards are therefore proposed, one facing the sky – a inner street for the residents – one facing the city like a belvedere. In response to the city’s desire for the creation of an icon, the building itself is envisioned as a logo – an invitation to ‘CU at the Library’.