Open Platform


Type: Apartment buildings and townhouses
Client: Boligselskabet Nordsjælland
Place: Helsinge
Collaboration: nova5*/Cubo Arkitekter
Landscape: Vega
Engineer: Norconsult
Contractor: Daurehøj
Size: 123 units
Status: competition 2018

The area Møllebakken is a plot of land with different architecture located close to the center of Helsinge. In the site, four existing will be demolished, while a fifth containing the local art workshop will be preserved. A web of paths connects the area to the surrounding neighbouring buildings, all of which will be preserved as well. To maintain the diversity of the area, the new Møllebakken is carried out in a variation of materials as well, using brick, wood and slate to add character to the specific area and added value to the experience.


Vega's landscape is defined by the existing topology with its natural hills and slopes. Trees and plants are used as natural division between private and semi-private areas as well as the open common areas. The larger spaces are wild, while smaller trees and flowers bring intimacy and cosiness to the smaller spaces.


In 2016, OP-partners Jennifer Dahm Petersen and Niels Lund Petersen entered NOVA5 as Associate Partners. In January 2018, they became formal Partners, Owners, Members of the Board and Everyday Leaders. After winning a series of competitions, they left the company to pursue a solo career by relaunching OP - Open Platform. Upon its relaunch October 2019, the OP team includes the following former NOVA5 people: Anders Dragheim, Founding Partner, Jørgen Kreiner Møller, Founding Partner, Christine Cato, Graphics Designer, Kristine Lorenzen, Office Manager, Peter Theibel, Business Developer, Lotte Randeris, Project Leader, Jon Frydenholm-Vad, Project Architect. All credited when relevant. Møllebakken was created by Jennifer and Niels as partners in NOVA5 with Jon Frydenholm-Vad as competition architect. Read the full story here