Open Platform


Type: Logo, Identity
Client: Copenhagen Institute on Risk and Sustainability, CPH IRIS
Design: OP
Status: Completed 2015

Eyes wide open
The mission of Copenhagen IRIS is to make a difference in creating a better, happier and more sustainable world by contributing to sound risk management and sustainability. OP immediately knew that the logo should be subtle and powerful with a clear symbolism matching the complex work and important issues in the world, that Copenhagen IRIS operates in. The animated logo blends the literal meaning of the company name (iris) with awareness (eye wide open) and a glimpse of humour in the knowing wink.


The logo was first introduced in the Nordic Council of Ministers workshop on circular economy, Tuesday 28 April 2015 in Papirhallen, Copenhagen.

Experts on risk and sustainability

Copenhagen IRIS is founded and driven by Karen Lund, Professor and PhD in Risk Analysis and Lars Fogh Mortensen, economist and expert on innovation and new business models for sustainable lifestyles and circular economy.