Open Platform


Type: Shop and Studio
Architect: NEZU AYMO architects [Skafte Aymo-Boot]
Client: 't Japanse Winkeltje
Place: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Size: 200 m²
Status: completed 2010

The project is a renovation of the interior of a Japanese shop located in the centre of Amsterdam. Since 1976, the shop has been selling a variety of Japanese products. After the renewal, the range of items is a careful selection of exclusive ceramics, kimonos, Japanese paper and lamps.
On the ground floor the basic elements of the space itself – walls, floor and ceiling – are transformed into display surfaces with each an own character. On the first floor four different thematic rooms become a delicately changing gradation of light and shadow and spatial qualities.
The renovation places traditional Japanese architectural concepts and materials in a new context. The material choices reflect the fragility and lightness of the items sold in the shop. The interior is partly handmade out of materials such as paper, bamboo en textiles, turning the shop into a piece of ‘haute couture architecture’.

Photo: Jeroen Musch, NEZU AYMO