Open Platform


Type: Stadium
Client: Municipality of Elsinore, FC Elsinore
Place: Helsingør
Collaboration: Nova5, ELKIÆR + EBBESKOV, Møller & Grønborg Landscape, Lyngkilde Enginering*
Size: 2.800 m²
Budget: 57 mio. kr. (stadium) + 25 mio. kr. (VIP area)
Status: Completed 2019

Less footprint. More impact.
New Stadium Elsinore is more that soccer stadium. It's a melting pot for sport events, experience and active leisure for all citizens. By lowering the arena into the ground, the new complex respects the surrounding landscape as well as its neighbours. A belt of stadium seating and activity zones encircles the field. In the original winning scheme, the existing sports halls and the new stadium are physically connected in order for people to walk dryshod in wet weather. In the built stadium a VIP-floor was added to the tribune building, weakening the original winning proposal. The beautiful fence with lit posts outlines the stadium, which serves as a subtle landmark and landart, is still to be carried out.

Ground breaking ceremony

The Mayor and the chaiman of sports of Elsinor Municipality.


The countdown to the stadium opening has begun

The opening

Marching band, draft beer, fans, cheer leading, soccer, american football and speeches. On August 8, we celebrated the opening of the new stadium with the rest of Elsinore.

The mayor's speech

In her speech, Mayor of Elsinore Benedikte Kiær' pointed out that New Elsinore Stadium is the most beautiful stadium in all of Denmark and encouraged people to simply take a look around. At times it has felt like the project was jinxed. When digging out the sunken field, old hand granates were found as well as a huge cord, which hadn't figured in the original drawings. But all is well, that ends well.


Shared rights. In 2016, Open Platform merged its activities with colleague Nova5 as Jennifer & Niels became Associate Partners. In January 2018, they became formal Creative Partners, Co-owners, Members of the Board and Everyday Leaders at Nova5. After winning a series of competitions, among these Dalby School, Jennifer and Niels relaunched Open Platform in October 2019. Read the full story here