Open Platform


Type: Public school
Client: Municipality of Kolding
Place: Dalby
Collaboration: Nova5, Thing Brandt, OBH-Group A/S*
Contractor: Jakobsen & Blindkilde A/S
Budget: 51 mio kr.
Status: Completion 2020

Dalby school has had growing pains for years. We won the competition to expand the school by making several extensions to the existing buildings and adding a brand new building for the lower secondary classes. A generous learning stair is the absolute heart of the campus. Designed with an open layout and movable blocks, the flexible multipurpose space provides a social gathering place for individuals or small groups. It also serves as an amphitheater for hosting community events or performances.


Shared rights. In 2016, Open Platform merged its activities with colleague Nova5 as Jennifer & Niels became Associate Partners. In January 2018, they became formal Creative Partners, Co-owners, Members of the Board and Everyday Leaders at Nova5. After winning a series of competitions, among these Dalby School, Jennifer and Niels relaunched Open Platform in October 2019. Read the full story here