Open Platform


Type: Cohousing community
Client: Municipality of Farum,
Developer: Reka Group
Place: Farum
Collaboration: Nova5*
Status: Developer competition 2019

In Denmark, cohousing communities are becoming increasingly popular. Unlike the 70s shared household, the freedom of opting out and opting in has become essential to the families of today. When the former Bygmark school was closed down, it opened a golden opportunity to establish a new community on the edge of the city. The buildings are arranged in a a horse shoe shape of two blocks of row houses connected by a common house. The buildings surround a large lush landscape, that reuses and recycles the rainwater and help raise the awareness about natural resources among the residents.

Collage: Niels Lund Petersen


In 2016, OP-partners Jennifer Dahm Petersen and Niels Lund Petersen entered NOVA5 as Associate Partners. In January 2018, they became formal Partners, Owners, Members of the Board and Everyday Leaders. After winning a series of competitions, they left the company to pursue a solo career by relaunching Open Platform. PH Park was created by Jennifer and Niels as partners in NOVA5. Read the full story here